Protective Packaging

This category contains a wide range of products and systems designed to meet different customer needs (customised applications). For example, fragile items need specialised protection unlike heavier, solid items. These systems and products include polystyrene, polythene, cardboard, paper and air pillows.

  • Air Pillows

    • Air bag cushioning system
    • Acts as void fill forons
  • Angleboard

    Multi-ply paper angle used to protect pallet & carton edges.

    • Alternatively known as Cornerboard
    • Protects palletised load edges from impact, crushing & load stacking
  • Bubble Bags

    • Padded protective mail bags
    • High puncture resistant
    • Waterproof
    • Range of sizes available
  • Bubble Film

    • Specialised film for bubble making equipment
  • Bubble Wrap

    • Variety of widths thicknesses & bubble sizes available
    • Single, double & triple layer products available
    • Bubble sizes 10mm and 20mm
    • Roll widths from 375mm to 1500mm
    • Perforated lengths & printed products available upon request
  • Polyfoam

    Various Widths to Suit Your Needs

    • Foam Tubes
    • Foam Strips
    • Rolls and Pieces
  • Polystyrene

    • Sturdy protection for high value products or goods which need to be supplied in a specific format.
  • Ranpak

    Void fill & protective packaging system

    • Uses kraft paper
    • 3 machines available for packing & shipping needs
  • Void Fill

    • Polystyrene (loose fill)
    • 400L bags
    • Dispensing systems available
    • Bulk hopper systems
    • Refilling bulk delivery systems 
  • Corflute

    Corrugated Plastic

    • Lightweight yet Rigid
    • Extruded to give large rectangular flutes all the way through it
  • Desiccant

    Prevent mold, mildew, corrosion, odours and other moisture damage.

    • Clay based or Silica gel