Weight, density and packaging requirements are factors to consider when choosing the right strapping to bundle or hold a load. Steel strapping is used for heavy solid products like steel, packs of wood and machine parts.  PET strapping has a high breaking strain and can be used as an alternative for steel strapping in many instances. Poly strapping is for lighter loads, and mostly used to strap cartons together or as an alternative to seal cartons instead of tape (e.g. cartons for meat export).

  • Machinery

    • Basic unit when strap is fed around carton manually  
    • Unit tensions the strap & heat seals the band  
    • Foot control operates semi-automatic machines  
    • Tension is taken up when foot pedal is activated  
    • Range extends to fully automated - fitted into production conveyor lines
  • PET

    Polyester Strap for durable high holding force

    • Very high mechanical strength
    • Strap keeps its performance permanently
  • Poly


    • Ideal packaging solution
    • Heavy band strapping
    • Weighs 50% less than steel
    • High levels of break strength
    • 100% recyclable
    • High retained tension
  • Seals & Buckles

    Ensures a tight grip that will keep strapping in place during shipping and loading.

    • Metal/Plastic Seals or Buckles available for Poly, Steel and PET strapping
  • Steel

    Heavy duty alternative due to its high tensile strength and minimal stretch properties.

    • Variety of widths & breaking strains available
  • Tools

    Combination, Manual Hand, Tensioning, Cutters & Sealing Tools.

    • PET (Poly), PP (Polypropylene) & Steel strapping hand tools
    • Tensioners
    • Crimpers
    • Strapping Dispensers
    • Sealers